Kochab AKS-6



A star in the constellation Ursa Minor, the "Little Bear" or "Little Dipper."

(AKS-6: dp. 5,244; 1. 441'6"; b. 56,11"; dr. 28'4"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 193; a. 1 5", 4 3", 8 20mm.; el. Acubens; T. EC2-S-CI)

Kochab (AKS-6) was launched 30 March 1944, by Delta Shipbuilding Co., New Orleans, under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Mrs. Thomas J. Crane; acquired by the Navy and commissioned 2 May, Lt. Comdr. R. E. King in command; transferred to Mobile, Ala., and decommissioned 5 May; converted to a general stores supply ship by Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co.; and recommissioned 4 November 1944.

Kochab cleared Mobile Bay 17 November for shakedown in Chesapeake Bay before departing Norfolk 16 December for duty in the Pacific. Steaming via the Marshall Islands, she operated out of Ulithi and from 20 February to 28 April made replenishment runs to Manus, Admiralties. Steaming to the Marianas 13 to 15 May, she loaded cargo at Guam and Saipan before proceeding 29 May for the Ryukyus. She reached Kerama Rhetto 8 June and, despite enemy air attacks, conducted supply operations until 19 June. Proceeding then to Okinawa for further replenishment duty, she operated between the Ryukyus and the Marianas for almost 5 months.

After Japan surrendered, Kochab departed Okinawa 7 November for the United States as a unit of the "MagicCarpet" fleet. Steaming via Pearl Harbor, she arrived San Francisco 3 December with 203 homebound passengers embarked. She operated out of San Francisco until 9 February 1946, then sailed for Pearl Harbor, arriving IS February. Kochab decommissioned 17 April and entered the Pacific Reserve Fleet. Transferred under tow to the 12th Naval District 23 September 1947, she was turned over to the Maritime Commission 22 October and berthed with the Defense Reserve Fleet, Suisun Bay, Calif. She was sold for scrapping 14 January 1965 1965, to Nicolas Joffe Corp., Beverly Hills, Calif.

Kochab received one battle star for World War II service.