Kerwood AK



A former name retained.

(AK: dp. 2,321 t.; 1. 331'; b. 48'4"; dr. 21'4"; s. 10 k. cpl. 52; a. 2 3")

Kerwood (No. 1489), formerly Budapest, was launched in 1911 by Richardson, Duck & Co., Stockton-on-Tees, England; acquired by the Navy; and commissioned 5 November 1918, Lt. Comdr. E. Ellis in command.

Kerwood was assigned to NOTS and commenced coaling runs from Cardiff, Wales, to French ports. The cargo ship continued these operations until 28 December when she arrived Bordeaux with 1,000 tons of Army stores. From Bordeaux she sailed to Cardiff before sailing for the United States 29 January 1919. Kerwood arrived Norfolk 27 February; decommissioned 19 March 1919; and returned to the USSB for simultaneous return to her owner.