Visiting Dubai


Visiting Dubai

Dubai is one of the worlds biggest tourist destinations. It is the 6th most visited city in the world. Last year 15.8 million international tourist came to Dubai.


Dubai has some great restaurants, but they are busy and it's not advised to arrive without a reservation. Since the population of the city is so diverse, you can also find some great street food of almost any ethnic persuasion.

The weather in Dubai is divided into two seasons, summer and winter. Summer begins during April and ends at the beginning of October. During the summer the daytime temperature soars to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and drops to the upper seventies at night. There is no rain during the summer. During the winter the highs are in the mid-seventies and the lows in the mid-fifties. During the winter strong rain storms occur.

If you want to get a drink, get it in your hotel or other hotels. Alcohol is not permitted in the city except in the international zones, which are the hotels. As to nightlife, that can be found in the hotels as well.

Taxis are cheap, but please tip your taxi driver as well as others who give you service.

You can also rent a car for a reasonable rate in Dubai. Here are the requirements for renting.

However, keep in mind that while the city is modern, the culture is modest and when you are in Dubai, try to dress modestly when you in the public streets. Shoulders should be covered and do not show to much skin. When you are back in your hotel by the pool, a bikini shorts or any other appropriate dress is fine. Oh, by the way, don't kiss in public, it is frowned upon.

Also, Dubai is safe. According to the World Economic Forum, the UAE is the second safest country in the world.


There are many tourist attractions in Dubai, and below you will see a few. However, go beyond the big ones, instead of going to the mall go to the local market, it will be more exciting and more different to that what you are used to at home. Also, Dubai is building theme parks. There are four that are already open they include IMG Worlds of Adventure and Motiongate that has rides based on the movies Madagascar and Ghostbusters.


One of the most visited sites in the city is Burj Al Arab which is a luxury Hotel on a private artificial island. Many have called it the worlds only 7 star hotel.


The Dubai Museum is located at the Dubai Fort and is a significant site that tells the history of Dubai. Visitors learn all about Dubai at the museum.





Dubai has one of the worlds largest malls named the Dubai Mall. While commerce is the center point of the mall, the mall includes the Dubai Aquarium and UnderWater Zoo.


One of the most unusual destinations in Dubai is an indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai. Its is a 22,500 square meters indoor ski area. It has five ski trails of varied difficulties. Its highest slope is 279 feet.



There are 684 hotels in Dubai so finding the best one for you is a challenge- You can use some of the international services such as or you can use a site the specializes in Dubai to find a hotel for you.


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