First Voyage of Cartier

King Francis I of France was convinced by Admiral Chabo to appoint Jacques Cartier. Cartier was from a well-known family of Mariners. France was late in getting into the game of exploring. Now, King Francis was keen on France participating in the riches of the New World. Many scholars believe that Cartier had sailed as part Giovanni da Verrazzano's expedition to the New World. Cartier set off for the New World from St Malo on April 20th 1534, with two ships and 61 men. On May 11th, he arrived off the coast of New Found land. He explored both the East and West coasts of New Foundland.

Cartier then went on to discover Prince. He claimed this area for France. Cartier searched for a passage to Asia. He then entered Baie de Chaleur and Baie de Gaspe, where he met some Iroquois who had come there to hunt for seals. On July 24th, Cartier raised a cross, with the seal of France, claiming the lands for France. The Iroquois chief, Donnacona, protested Cartier's actions. Cartier was able to change the chief's mind. Cartier agreed to allow the chief's two sons sail to with him on his return voyage to France. Cartier returned to France in September 1534.