Student Study Guide
Review Sheet on the Explorers

Vasco Nunex de Balboa: Discovers the Pacific
John Cabot: Explored the East Coast Of North America
Jaques Cartier: Explorerd St Lawrence
Samuel Champlain: Explored St Lawrence, Settled Quebec
Francisco Coronado: Explored Southwestern part of the United States
Christopher Columbus: First explored New World; Explored Caribbean and Central America
Hernan Cortes: Conquered Mexico
Bartolomeu Dias: Sailed Around the southern tip of Africa
Vasco de Gama: Sailed Around Africa to India
Henry Hudson: Explored Hudson River and Hudson Bay
Juan Ponce de Leon: Conquered Puerto Rico and Explored Florida
Ferdinand Magellan: Crew Circles world
Francisco Pizarro: Conquered the Incas in Peru
Hernando De Soto: Explored the Mississippi River
Giovanni De Verrazano: Discovered New York Harbor