Other Internet Resources on Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus- Famous People (from the BBC)- A cute illustrated presentations on Columbus,
with an online quiz
The Columbus Navigation Homepage- A very comprehensive Presentation of Columbus Career.
The site excels presenting some of the scientific challenges that faced Columbus.
An excellent resource.
Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Empire- from the Univ of Calgary.
An extensive seriously written presentation.
More Academic Presentations
Goodbye Columbus- A letter from American Indian Movement of Colorado, Criticizing Columbus.
Christopher Columbus and the New World- Social Studies for Kids- A well parsed presentation.
Explorers and Leaders- Christopher Columbus- National Maritime Musuem- UK
A short, but nice presentation.
Age of Exploration- Christopher Columbus- The Mariners' Musuem
A good presentation of Columbus and his journeys.
1492: An Ongoing Voyage- from the Library of Congress- The exhibits includes Columbus'
Coat of Arms and his book of Privileges.
Columbus's Lost Ships- A site devoted to the ships that Columbus lost during his four voyages.
The Columbus Chronicles by William F Keegan " The Sciences"
Hail Columbus, Dead White Men- Time Magazien by Charles Krauthammer