Lesson Plans on the Explorers

Below you will find lessons plans, webquests, and teaching resources on the Explorers. We have divided those resources between the ones we provide and others we have identified on the web. If you have lesson plans or resources you would like to share, please e-mail me at marc@multied.com

HistoryCentral's Resources
Other Resources on the Web
General Explorers
Introduction to teaching the Explorers Explorer's Report- A rubric for giving an outline for writing a report and marking a rubric
A webquest on Balboa
John Cabot
John Cabot from Commonwealth of Knowledge- A "This is your Life" presentaton on John Cabot
Samuel de Champlain
Standard on Samuel de Champlain: Then and Now A plan using primary documents to determine the truth about Champlain
The Massacre of the Temple- Two Differing Accounts Aztec, the Mighty Warriors of Mexico from the National Endowment of the Humanties
Cortes and the Aztec from PBS
The Odyssey- Mexico Lessons- A virtual trip to the land of the Aztec
Cortes in Tenochtitlan- A background sheet with Cortes' description of the city. Includes guided questions
Christopher Columbus
Different Perspectives on Columbus The round Earth and Christopher Columbus: A Teachers guide for science
Christopher's Crossing A Game for 3-5 grades
Word Search - Kids-Middle School - Advanced
Other Worlds A High School lesson Plan on the World that Columbus came from
Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?- Education World
The Columbian Exchange- Making Connections
Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson: A webquest from scholastic
Adventures in Time and Place on Hudson
from Macmillan
Ferdinand Magellan: A Man of His Time
Pizarro and the Incas "What IFs?" of History
Six lesson Plans from PBS- PDF
The Incas- A series of Lessons from MrDonn.org
Incas- From National Geographic- Geographic Standards for your classroom