The Third Voyage of Columbus

Columbus was given clear instructions and assistance for his third voyage. He was under orders of Fernando and Isabel to work for the conversions of the local inhabitants of the islands. To accomlish his mission, Columbus took a priest and other clerics with him. Columbus was also sent with soldiers, farmers and gold miners. 226 men left with Columbus on his third voyage. The crew included 10 pardoned murderers. "

On May 30th 1498, Columbus' third voyage began. Columbus explored Trinidad, as well as part of Venezuela. Columbus then returned to Hispaniola, where he found the settlers in a state of rebellion. By now word of the problems in the colony had reached Spain. The monarchs sent a royal representative to investigate what was going on. Columbus succeeded in putting down most of the rebellion by acceeding to some of the rebels demands, while hanging the others. When the royal investigator arrived, he concluded that Columbus exceeded his authority and ordered him returned to Spain in chains. When he returned to Spain, Fernando and Isabel ordered his immediate release and summoned Columbus to the royal court. At the court, Fernando and Isabel assured Columbus that his arrest had been done without their knowledge. They further assured Columbus that his affairs would be settled to his satisfaction. The monarchs ultimately decided to allow Columbus to keep his titles and money. However, they no longer allowed him to actually rule any colony in the new world..