America On The World Stage [1899-1919] PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENTS

1896: Annexation Of Hawaiian Islands
1897: William McKinley's Inaugural Address
1898- Declaration Of War Against Spain
1898: Treaty Of Paris with Spain
1898: Recognition Of Cuba
1900: Gold Standard Act
1901: Treaty With Great Britain Regarding Isthmian Canal
1902: Panama Canal Act
1904: Theodore Roosevelt's Annual Message
1905: Theodore Roosevelt's Inaugural Address
1906: Naturalization Act
1907: Expatriation Act
1907: Prohibition Of Campaign Contributions
1907: Immigration Act
1907: Haitian Agreement
1908: Gentleman's Agreement
1909: William Taft's Inaugural Address
1913: Federal Reserve Act
1913: 16th Amendment
1913: 17th Amendment
1913: Woodrow Wilson's Inaugural Address
1914: Clayton Anti-Trust Act
1914: Tampico Incident
1914: Federal Trade Commission
1914: Woodrow Wilson Appeal For Neutrality
1916- Houston Railway vs. United States
1917- Address By Wilson To The Senate
1917- Declaration Of War Against Germany
1917- Wilson's Statement On Declaration Of War Against Germany
1917: Espionage Act
1917- Woodrow Wilson's Second Inaugural Address
1918- Railway Control Act
1918- Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
1918- "Do Your Bit For America", Woodrow Wilson
1919- 18th Amendment
1919- Schenck vs. United States
1919- Wilson's Address On The League Of Nations
1919- Borah's Address On the League Of Nations