Charter Of Pennsylvania [March 4-14, 1680]

AN ACT for the incouragement of the Greeneland and Eastland Trades, and for the better secureing the Plantation Trade.

[V.] AND whereas by ... [the Navigation Act of I660] .... and by severall other Lawes passed since that time it is permitted to shipp, carry, convey and transport Sugar, Tobacco, Cotton~~wooll, Indicoe, Ginger, Fusticke and all other Dying wood of the Growth, Production and Manufacture of any of your Majestyes Plantations in America, Asia or Africa from the places of their Growth Production and Manufacture to any other of your Majestyes Plantations in those Parts (Tangier onely excepted) and that without paying of Custome for the same either at ladeing or unladeing of the said Commodityes by meanes whereof the Trade and Navigation in those Commodityes from one Plantation to another is greatly increased, and the Inhabitants of diverse of those Colonies not contenting themselves with being supplyed with those Commodities for their owne use free from all Customes (while the Subjects of this your Kingdome of England have paid great Customes and Impositions for what of them hath been pent here) but contrary to the expresse Letter of the aforesaid lawes have brought into diverse parts of Europe great quantitie thereof, and doe alsoe [dayly ] vend great quantities thereof to the shipping of other Nations who bring them into diverse part of Europe to the great hurt and diminution of your Majestyes Customes and of the Trade and Navigation of this your King dome; For the prevention thereof . . . bee it enacted . . . Tha from and after . . . [September I, I673,] . . . If any Shipp or Vessell which by Law may trade in any of your Majesties Plantations shall come to any of them to shipp and take on board ant of the aforesaid Commodities, and that Bond shall not be first given with one sufficient Surety to bring the same to England or Wales or the Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede and to noe other place, and there to unloade and putt the same on shoare (the danger of the Seas onely excepted) that there shall be . . . paid to your Majestie . . . for soe much of the said Commodities as shall be laded and putt on board such Shipp or Vessell these following Rates and Dutyes, That is to say

For Sugar White the hundred Weight containing one hundred and twelve pounds five shillings;
And Browne Sugar and Muscavadoes the hundred weight containing one hundred and twelve pounds one shilling [and] six pence;
For Tobacco the pound one penny;
For Cotton-wooll the pound one halfepenny;
For Indicoe the pound, two pence;
For Ginger the hundred Weight containing one hundred and twelve pounds one shilling;
For Logwood the hundred Weight containing one hundred and twelve pounds, five pounds,
For Fusticke and all other Dying-wood the hundred Weight containing one hundred and twelve pounds six pence;
And alsoe for every pound of Cacao-nutts one penny . .