The elusive Kenyan Governor Anne Waiguru and her children

.Governor of Kirinyaga Anne Waiguru is not a frequent ‘guest’ of the latest news in Kenya. Despite being involved in a massive corruption scandal during her work as a Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, very little is known about her. Even though no evidence ties Anne to the scandal, we are yet to find out who she actually is on her free time and what goes on in her personal life. Join us, as we talk about Anne Waiguru and her sons and discover more latest news in Kenya.
The Governor of Kirinyaga County is that kind of politician that often appears in the news (for reasons good and bad), but there is almost no information about their lives outside of the public eye.
While most Kenyan politicians choose to share practically their every move on social media, including the photos of their families and their wealth, Anne Waiguru prefers to keep her private life private.
Almost nothing is known about this woman’s personal affairs, apart from the fact that she was once married to Tony Waiguru Njuguna. It is also known that they are no longer together, and Mr. Tony currently runs a church in Kiambu County.
However, Anne did not come out of this marriage empty handed. She has three young sons: the eldest son is called Ian (19), the middle son is called Don (16), and the youngest one is Wabu (11). Waiguru has full custody of her children, and they all live in the upmarket Kitisuru area.
In one of her rare interviews, Anne admitted that she was worth KSh 160 million, including the liabilities that totaled to KSh 80 million. This means that she is more than capable to take care of her children on her own.
While their mother tries not to get under the spotlight, her sons (at least one of them) seem to be yearning for it. For instance, Anne’s eldest son Ian has already managed to get involved in a media scandal (and drag his mother down with him).
A few years ago, Ian was spotted behind the wheel of a very expensive Aston Martin with Kenyan number plates. It was rumoured that the car cost KSh 40 million, and it did not sit well with people that Anne Waiguru’s son had such a luxurious car, especially while she was involved in the scandal with misappropriating KSh 790 million from the NYS.
Ian did not make it any easier for his mum, as he posted the photo of the car on his Instagram with a caption that claimed that ‘hard work paid’. Waiguru had to defend her son by saying that it was not their car and they could not afford anything like that. She stated that he must have taken the picture of someone else’s car just to show off before his friends and followers.
That said, Anne Waiguru does not take kindly to nonsense. She showed it multiple talks with the media, especially during the NYS scandal. We applaud her wish and ability to keep most of her life away from the media and hope that she is going to be able to continue with this course of action.