Antebellum America/ The Nation Grows [1820-1850] PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENTS

1820: Compromise of 1820/ "The Taylor Amendment"
1820: Compromise of 1820/ "The Tallmadge Amendment"
1820: Compromise of 1820/ "The Missouri Enabling Act"
1820: Compromise of 1820/ "The Thomas Amendment"
1820: Compromise of 1820/ "An Historical Account"
1821: Resolution For Admittance of Missouri
1821: James Monroe's Second Inaugural Address
1823: Monroe Doctrine
1823: Monroe Message
1824: Gibson vs. Ogden
1825: Building of the Erie Canal
1825: The Inaugural Address of President John Quincy Adams
1826: Deaths of Presidents Adams and Jefferson on the Same Day
1828: American Insurance vs. Carter
1828: Jackson's First Election As President
1829: The Inaugural Address of President Andrew Jackson
1830: Garrison vs. "The Liberator"
1831: Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia
1832: Black Hawk War
1832: Jackson's Bank Veto
1832: Jackson's Message to the People of South Carolina
1832: Jackson's Ordinance of Nullification
1832: Overthrow of the Bank
1833: President Jackson's Second Inaugural Address
1833: Jackson's Paper Read to the Cabinet
1833: Constitution of the American Anti-Slavery League
1833: Contract Between The Girard Bank & The United States
1833: Taney's Instruction To The Collector at Philadelphia
1833: Taney to Girard Back
1836: Fall of the Alamo
1836: Houston's Seizure of Texas
1836: Andrew Jackson's Message to the Bank
1836: Act to Regulate Desposits
1837: Martin Van Buren's Inaugural
1837: Murder of Lovejoy
1840: Campaign of 1840
1841: John Henry Harrison's Inaugural Address
1845: James K. Polk's Inaugural Address
1845: Annexation of Texas
1846: Act for Prosecution of the Mexican War
1847: Independant Treasury Act
1848: Treaty of Guadalipe-Hidalgo
1849: Zachary Taylor's Inaugural Address