1933: Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Presidential Inaugural Address
1933: Franklin D. Roosevelt: On The Banking Crisis- 1st Fireside Chat
1933: Tennessee Valley Authority
1933: Emergency Railroad Act
1933: Agriculture Declaration Of Emergency
1933: National Recovery Act
1933: F.D.R. Outlining The New Deal- 2nd Fireside Chat
1933: F.D.R. The Purpose of the Recovery Act-3rd Fireside Chat
1933: F.D.R. On the Currency Crisis- 4th Fireside Chat
1934: Ashwander vs. Tennessee Valley Authority
1934: Social Security Act
1934: Home Building Act
1934: Taylor Act
1934: FDR Green Bay
1934: F.D.R. On the 73rd Congress- 5th Fireside Chat
1934: F.D.R. On Greater Freedom-6th Fireside Chat
1935: Grosjean vs.American Press
1935: National Labor Relations Act
1935: Railroad Retirement Board vs. Alton
1935: F.D.R.- On Work Relief- 7th Fireside Chat
1936: United States vs. Curtis Wright
1936: F.D.R. On the Drought- 8th Fireside Drought
1937- F.D.R.'s 2nd Inaugural Address
1937- Herndon vs. Lowry
1937- Neutrality Act of 1937
1937- Helvering vs. Davis
1937- NLRB vs. Jones & Laughlin Steel
1937- West Coast vs. Parrish
1937- F.D.R .On Reorganizing the Judiciary-9th Fireside Address
1937- F.D.R.. On Recommedation to Congress-10th Fireside Address
1937- F.D.R. On Unemployment Census- 11th Fireside Address
1938- F.D.R. On Economic Conditions -12th Fireside Address
1939- F.D.R. On Pary Primaries- 13th Fireside Address
1939- Hatch Act