India Cancels Kashmir's Special Status


On August 5th, 2019 India announced that it was revoking the special status of the Mulsim majority Kashmir. Kashmir had a unique constitution and its semi-independent status inside the Indian State. It was all unilaterally canceled by the Indian government.

At the time of the partition of the Indian sub continent in 1947 Kashmir had beens a separate State called the Princely State of Kashmir and Jammu. Althought the area was overwhelmingly Muslim the ruler of the state Hari Singh was a Hindu as were all of the ruling class. During the violence that accompanied the partition, Muslim insurgence gained control of much of Kashmir. Singh asked for Indian help and they agreed o the condition that Kashmir become part of India. Singh agreed as long as it had its own constitution.

The Muslims in Kashmir wanted to be part of Pakistan, and a plebiscite was scheudled to held to decide the future of Kashmir, but it was never held. India and Pakistan engaged in two brief wars over the future of Kashmir.

Inidan Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power on a platform of Hindu nationalism. He claimed that he wanted to settle the issue of Kashmir once and for all. After his reelection by an overwhelming margin he decided to take action. The Indian Army sent thousands of troops into Kashmir at the beginning of August. On August 5th all communication was cut off, and Kashmiring opposition leaders were arrested. The Indian government then unilaterally announced that the special status that Kashmir had enjoyed was cancelled and all special protection were no longer in effect.