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The Boxer Rebellion
The Boxers called themselves "I Ho Ch'uan," and their goal was the removal of foreign influence from China. At the beginning of that year, the Boxers began to attack and kill foreigners throughout China. In June, foreign troops captured the Chinese coastal port at Taku. At that point, the Boxers entered Peking and merged with the Imperial Army. The Imperial government, under the control of the Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, declared war on all foreigners. The army, together with the Boxers, laid siege to the foreign legations in Peking. The European nations, along with the United States and Japan, sent a force of 10,000 men, in an attempt to lift the siege. The force took 52 days to fight its way to Peking. On August 14th, the troops entered Peking and relieved the embattled legations.