Armistice Signed in Europe



On November 11, an armistice was signed, bringing the war in Europe to a conclusion. About 5 million allies and 3.4 million members of the Central Powers were killed in the conflict. Of that total, 50,585 Americans were killed in the war.

The Germans had hoped to win the war before the American troops could arise. They were hoping that with their victory on the Eastern front they could move enough troops to defeat the Allies. However by the time they launched their first offensive the Second Battle of Marne the Americans had already arrived and were reinforcing the Allied lines. After the Battle of the Marne, the Allies began to take the offensive with the Battle of Sin Mihiel and then after the more massive Battle of Argonne Forest. After the battle of Argonne Forest, it was clear to the Germans that they could not win. 10,000 fresh American men were arriving every day, and the exhausted German troops would not be able to hold out. The Germans requested an Armistice on November 11th, 1918 and armistice was signed and bought the “Great War” to an end.