Steam Pump Developed


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Steam Pump

In 1698 Thomas Slavery invented the first steam pump. It was designed to help pump water out of flooded mines. The was limited by the fact that it could only pump water up 25 feet.

Thomas Slavery was an English inventor and Military Engineer. In 1698 he applied the kowledge gained by French physicist Denis Papin, who had observed in his experiments with a pressure cooker that steam lifted the cooker lid. Slavery was convinced that steam could be used to lift water and thus solve one the largest problems of mining; the flooding of mines. In 1698 he patented the "miners friend" a complicaed systems of pipes, valves and condensors. The system was limited in that it could only lift water 25 feeet. The limitation was solved when Thomas Newcomen developed an atmospheric steam engine. Newcomen teamed up with Slavery and the new steam engines were soon being widely used in mines.