Horatio Nelson

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Horatio Nelson (1758-1805)
Celebrated English naval commander, Nelson joined the navy at age 12. He participated in a number of missions, and saw action in San Juan, America, the West Indies, and the Mediterranean. He initiated his famous affair with Emma Hamilton, wife of the British ambassador to Naples, during the Mediterranean campaigns of the French revolutionary wars. In 1798, his achieved a decisive victory over French forces in the Battle of the Nile. His success as a naval commander were rewarded by a peerage, a generous pension, and other monetary gifts. The successes came at a price, however, as Nelson lost both an eye and his right arm during battles. After his triumphs in the Mediterranean, Nelson resigned his command to return to England where Emma Hamilton bore him a daughter. In 1801, Nelson received the rank of vice admiral and set off on the Baltic campaign. With the resumption of hostilities between England and France, Nelson became commander of the Mediterranean. In the battle at Trafalgar, Nelson sustained mortal injuries while directing the British victory. He was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral.