David Livingstone

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David Livingstone (1813-1873)
Missionary Livingstone was born in Scotland, studied medicine in England, and traveled to Africa where he achieved legendary fame as the discoverer of Victoria Falls of the Zambezi and the man who blazed new trails in Africa. After returning to England, Livingstone secured the position of expedition chief to explore the Zambezi. During this period (1858 - 1863), Livingstone carried out a number of exploratory missions. To some extent, his movements were constrained by Portuguese authorities and by the expanding slave-trade. Author of several notable books detailing his travels and findings, Livingstone achieved an unusual sort of immortality when The New York Herald dispatched Henry Stanley to search for him. (At the request of the Royal Geographical Society, Livingstone had returned to Africa in 1866 seeking to establish, among other things, the source of the Nile River). The line, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume" passed into legend when Stanley located the ailing doctor in Ujiji. Livingstone died in Africa and was buried in Westminster Abbey.