2018 Midterm Elections

On November 6th, 2018 Midterm Elections were held in the United States. The election was widely seen as a referendum on President Trump. The Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives, and gained a number of governorships, while the Republicans made gains in the Senate.


On November 6th the midterm elections were held. The elections were seen as a clear referendum on President Trump. That was made clear by the statements of President Trump who stated clearly that this was a vote about his Presidency. Trump campaigned relentlessly for Republicans particularly those who were in the Red States. Trump ran a campaign of fear, making immigration the center point of the campaign. He sent the US army to the border to defend against what he described as an invading caravan, made up of some 6,000 Central American walking on foot, hundreds of miles from the border.

Polls the day before the elections showed the Democrats in clear leads, including in Florida where there was a competitive race for both Governor and Senate. Overall polls predicted that the Democrats would win control of the House of Representatives, but they would not be able to do so in the Senate where the Democrats were defending seven seats in states that Trump had won, while the Republicans were only defeating one seat in a state that Hilary Clinton won.

When the evening was over the Democrats had won the House of Representatives gaining 30 seats in the House. The Democrats overwhelming won the suburbs. Their biggest gain came with women whom the Democrats won by 19% and College Graduated whom they won by 8%. Among those under 45%, the Democrats won the vote by 25%.

The success of the Democrats in the House was not matched in the Senate where they lost three seats. They did manage to win 7 governorships and regained over 300 seats in state houses that they had lost over the years.

The Democrats claimed victory, gaining control of the House. President Trump celebrated what he described as his victory-claiming that thanks to his efforts the GOP had grown their control of the Senate. However, as mail in ballots were counted in California the Democrats had won 40 seats from the Republicans.