President Trump Impeached by House of Representatives

House Votes Impeachment

On December 18th the House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against President Trump the first Abuse of Power was passed 230 to 197 and the second Obstruction of Congress which passed 229 vs 198 against. The House transmitted the articles to the Senate and the Senate held a trial with not witnesses or documents. The Senate acquitted the President Trump along party lines with the exception of Senator Romney who voted to convict on the charge of Abuse of Power on February 5th, 2020


January 16-February 5, 2020- The trial of President Donal J Trump began on January 16, 2020. The House managers presented their case followed by a rebuttal by representatives for President Trump. The Democrats wished to call witnesses including former National Security Advisor John Bolton. The Republicans except for Senator Romney and Collins voted against any witnesses. On February 5th, 2020 the Senate by a vote of 52 to 48 voted to equip.


December 18th- The House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment Abuse of Power and the second Obstruction of Congress. The vote was along party lines, with the 230 voting in favor of Abuse of Power and 197 against and 229 voting for the article of Obstruction of Congress and 198 against

December 13th, The House Judiciary Committee passed 2 articles fo impeachment. The First Abuse of Power and the second Obstruction of Congress.

December 6, 2019, The White House announces that it will not participate in the House Judiciiciary meetings.

December 4, 2019, The House Judiciary Committee held its first impeachment hearing. Four legal scholars analyzed the constitutional impact of the testimony had been held.

November 20, 2019 - Gordon Sondland the envoy to the European Union and a Trump political appointee stated that the President had directed a "quid pro quo" to push Ukraine to announce an investigation of Joe Biden and his son.

November 15, 2019- The former American ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich, testified on the pressure applied to have her fired and the negative impact that had on US relations with Ukraine. During her testimony, President Trump tweeted attacking her. Many interpreted the tweet as witness intimidations.

November 13, 2019, Ambassador William Taylor and George Kent, senior State Department official in charge of Ukraine policy gave the first public testimony. Their testimony was considered powerful

October 31, 2019 - The US House of Representatives approved a resolution fo formalize the impeachment inquiry into President Trump

October 29, 2019- Army Lt Col Alexander Vindman director of European Affairs on the NSC gave strong testimony saying that there was a quid pro quo requested for aid. Vidman an Iraq War veteran found his patriotism questioned.


October 22,2019- Bill Taylor acting Ambassador to Ukraine gave testimony stating that aid to the Ukraine was conditional on Ukraine investing the Bidens. His testimony if confirmed is devestating to the President's legal argument that there was no quid pro quo. Opening Statement by Bill Taylor

October 11, 2019- Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie L Yovanovitich testified before House Committees. She stated testified that President Trump had pushed to remove her, she believed because her efforts to fight corruption were getting in the way of the interest of Trump's associates. She stated that private influence and personal gain have usurped diplomats’ judgment and could undermine the nation’s interests. Yovanovitch testified despite being ordered not to, after receiving a subpoena from the House.

October 10, 2019 Lev Paranas and Igor Fruman were arrested as they were trying to leave the US. Both have been charged with a series of crimes including illegal campaign donations. They funneled foreign money into Pro-Trump PAC's as well as campaigns of other Republican candidates. The two are associates of President Trump's lawyer Rudi Giuliani and were mentioned in the whistleblower complaint as being involved in the firing of the US Ambassador in Ukraine. Reports stated the Guiliani is also under investigation.

October 8th, 2019. President Trump issued a letter saying that he will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. He claimed the inquiry was unconstitutional. The letter which came from the Office of the White House Counsel was, in fact, a political statement that had very little legal logic. Letter

October 6th, 2019. Lawyers representing the whistleblower announce that they are now representing multiple clients who have become whistleblowers in this affair.

October 3 Trump publicly calls on China to investigate the Biden the same way that he called on Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

September 30- the House subpoenas Rudy Giuliana for documents.

September 26th Interim Head of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testifies and a declassified version of the whistleblower complaint is released

September 25th -The White House releases a summary of the call which the President called “perfect” The call itself is problematic for the White House with the President after saying after the President of Ukraine says they would like to buy some more missile that “ I would like you to do us a favor though” and then goes on and request help both a way out conspiracy theory that it was the Ukrainians and not the Russians who interfered in the 2016 election. He also requests that the Ukrainian aid his lawyer Rudi Guiliani in investigating the Biden family.

September 24 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces the opening of a formal impeachment inquiry based on the complaint.

September 19 Atkinson meets with the committee but does not disclose the complaint.

September 11- $400 million in aid to Ukraine is released after a bipartisan outcry.

September 9 -Atkins reported the House Intelligence Committee chairman the existence of the complaint ( that according to the law is supposed to go the committee) but that the Justice Department has barred him from transmitting it. Shiff announces he is opening an investigation.

September 3 the Justice Department who by law is not in the loop for whistleblowers deemed the complaint no urgent.

September 4, 2019, The ousted Ukrainian prosecutor claims that he was ousted because he was going to investigate Bidens, son. His claim is disputed by other prosecutors and those who were fighting corruption in Ukraine

August 12, 2019 - An unnamed intelligence officer files a whistleblower complaint to the Inspector General of the intelligence community Michael Atkinson. The IG determines that the complaint is credible and time-sensitive.

July 25, 2019, President Trump called the newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky on the call ask that the government of Ukraine to do him a favor and resume investigating Joe Biden’s son Hunter who had been on the board of Ukrainian energy company.

July 2019 President Trump ordered a freeze on aid to Ukraine.

May 19, 2019, President Trump claims Joe Biden worked to push out Ukraine prosecutor to stop him from investigating his son

April 25th, 2019 Joe Biden Announces his Bid for the Democratic Nomination