June 8,9 2018


Deeper in
President Trump with other members of the G7

World leaders attended the G7 Conference in Quebec City. The conference convened under the shadow of the tariffs on steel and aluminum that President Trump imposed. The meetings themselves were described by many as contentious with President Trump presenting to each of the participants his trade demands, while they tried to convince him with little success that trading had been fair. Trump also suggested before the meeting that Russia be invited to rejoin the meetings. Russia had been removed from the G8 after its invasion of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Trumps call regarding Russian was not well received by the other members with the exception of the New Right-wing Prime Minister of Italy. Despite the difficulties, the members worked hard on a joint statement. They thought they had an agreed joint statement. However, President Trump left the meeting early skipping all the session on the environment and climate. Before leaving Trump held an impromptu news conference where he claimed that his relations with the other participants were a 10.

After leaving the G7 released the joint statement. In addition, however, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada after not convincing Trump to remove the new tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum announced tariffs on American products. Trump responded by saying the US would not sign the joint statement and personally attacking Trudeau.