Israel- Egypt Peace agreement

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On March 26th 1979 a peace accord was signed between Israel and Egypt on the White House lawn. President Carter worked with both sides to make the agreement possible.

In November 1977 President Sadat of Egypt visited Israel. His visit broke the ice between the two countries and led to negotiations to reach a peace agreement. Those negotiations were difficult. President Carter hosted both Sadat and Israeli Premier Begin at Camp David for twelve days of talks. Starting on September 5th, 1978. The negotiations led to the signing of the Camp David agreements at the White House on September 17, 1978. This was a framework agreement with many details yet to be resolved. It took another six months to work out all the details.

On March 26th, 1979, in Washington, D.C., the peace agreement was signed between Egypt and Israel. The treaties, which were called the Egypt -Israel Peace Accords, called for a complete Israeli withdrawal from Sinai. In return, Egypt would recognize Israel and maintain full diplomatic relations with her. In addition, the Sinai was to be demilitarized, with the United States providing troops for monitoring its continuing demilitarization. President Carter's involvement was instrumental in bringing about the final agreement.