Basic Information


Postal Abbreviation: MN
Natives: Minnesotan

Estimated pop. 2020: 5,706,494
Legal Driving Age: 18
(*16 w/ Driver's Ed.)
Age of Majority: 18
Median Age: 37.4

State Song: “Hail! Minnesota”
1st verse & Music: T.E. Rickard
2nd verse: Arthur E. Upson


Median Household Income:$65,699
Mean Household Income:$73,578

Capital..... St. Paul
Entered Union..... May 11, 1858 (32nd)

Present Constitution Adopted: 1858

Nickname: North Star State
Land of 10,000

“L'Etoile du Nord” (The North Star)

Origin of Name:
From the Dakota Indian word (mnishota). Refers to the Minnesota River and means “cloudy/milky or sky-tinted water”.





USS Minnesota

Railroad Stations


Minnesota Economy

AGRICULTURE: barley, cattle, chickens,
corn, eggs, hay, milk, oats, potatoes,
soybeans, sugar beets, turkeys, wheat,

MINING: Iron ore, sand and gravel,

electronics, food processing,
instruments, lumbers products,
machinery, metal products,printed
material, paper products, plastic
products, transportation equipment.







Minnesota Geography

Total Area: 86,943 sq. miles
Land area: 79,617 sq. miles
Water Area: 7,326 sq. miles
Geographic Center: Crow Wing
10 mi. SW of Brainerd
Highest Point: Eagle Mountain
(2,301 ft.)
Lowest Point: Lake Superior
(602 ft.)
Highest Recorded Temp.: 114˚ F (7/6/1936)
Lowest Recorded Temp.: –59˚ F (2/16/1903)

Minnesota is called the “Land of the 10,000 Lakes”. In fact, this state contains 15,000 lakes within its boundaries. The Northeastern part of the states abuts Lake Superior, a part of the state that is very hilly. The Mississippi River begins in Minnesota and is the state's major river.






Minneapolis, 425,403
St. Paul, 307,695
Rochester, 106,769
Duluth, 86,265
Bloomington, 82,893
Brooklyn Park, 75,781
Plymouth, 70,576
St. Cloud, 65,842
Eagan, 64,206
Woodbury, 61,961

Minnesota History

1732 Fort St. Charles is founded.
1849 Minnesota which has only 4,000 white settlers becomes a territory.
1858 Minnesota becomes the 32nd state.
1867 St. Paul and Minneapolis is linked to Chicago by railroad.
1883 Duluth is linked to the Pacific when the Northern Pacific completes its line
to Portland Oregon.
1959 With the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway Duluth becomes the
westernmost Atlantic port.


Famous People

Warren E. Burger
William O. Douglas jurist;
Bob Dylan
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Judy Garland
J. Paul Getty
Hubert H. Humphrey
Jessica Lange
Sinclair Lewis
Roger Maris
E. G. Marshall
Eugene J. McCarthy
Walter F. Mondale
Charles M. Schulz



Minnesota National Sites

1) Grand Portage National Monument
This site located on the Western shore of Lake Superior this was the main center for fur traders.

2) Pipestone National Monument
This 283 acres site preserves the stone quarry that Indians used to create ceremonial pipes. The pipes were used by Indians throughout the region.