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Lesson on the Federalist Papers and Ratification

Understanding Primary Source Documents, Historical Understandings, Public Speaking

Two - Three Classes

EXERCISE: There was significant debate surrounding the vote for ratification. A majorcontribution to that debate was the publication of the Federalist Papers. The Federalist papers were a series of newspapers articles published by some of the key framers of the Constitution.

First Class: Assign different students in the class different Federalist Papers to read if possilbe assign groups of two to work together on the paper. Either as homework or in the next class have them summarize the paper. Then have each speak for ratification and explain how there paper helps citizens better understand the constitution.


Here are a list of the first Federalist Papers:


1. Hamilton writes the Introduction

2. Jay writes on the Dangers from Foreign Influence

3. Jay continues

4. Jay states that union brings strength

5. Jay writes how bad the a disunited country is

6. Hamilton writes about the danger of Civil War

7. Hamilton continues about the dangers of civil conflict

8. Hamilton writes more about the danger of civil conflict

9. Hamilton writes that the size of the union assures its security

10. Madison writes how faction can cause difficulties

11. Hamilton writes on the advantage of union for commerce and the navy

12. Hamilton writes how union will effect taxes

13. Hamilton writes how the union will lower the overall tax burden

14. Madison writes how the size of the union is right

15. Hamilton attacks the Articles of Confederation