Jefferson President

The inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as President is sometimes referred to as "The Revolution of 1800." Jefferson's election as President marked the end of Federalist power. Jefferson immediately rolled back what were considered the most troubling Federalist laws.



The inauguration of President Jefferson is considered by many to be the "Revolution of 1800". Jefferson's election to the Presidency marked the end of Federalist power in the United States.

Jefferson immediately undid some of what he considered to be abuses of the Adams Administration. The despised
Alien and Sedition Acts had already expired, but Jefferson pardoned all who were found guilty under it, and refunded many fines. He had Congress rewrite the naturalization law, reducing the minimum residency requirements from 14 years to 5 years.

The only major economic changes that Jefferson made involved the elimination of the excise taxes, reducing US government income by $1 million. Jefferson maintained the Bank of the United States and the restrictive tariffs that Hamilton had considered key to America's economic well being.