Timeline of Indian Affairs

7 August 1790 The United States signs a treaty with the Creek Indians. The Creeks are represented by chief Alexander McGillivray who agree to American sovereignty over part of the Creek land in Georgia

April 26 1791- Under the Treaty of Holston River the Cherokee Indians ceded their land holding in the upper Tennessee Valley. In return they were assured that no further demand would be put on their lands

3 August 1795-General Anthony Wayne and twelve Indian tribes sign the Treaty of Greenville. The Indians had been defeated in the Battle of Fallen Timber the year before. Under the terms of the treaty the Indians ceded eastern Ohio in return for secure borders for Indian lands

10 November 1808- The treaty of Osage is signed with the Osage Indians. The Indians cede all of their land in Missouri and Arkansas North of the Arkansas River to the United States.

August 9, 1814 -The Creeks sign the Treaty of Jackson. They cede two-thirds of their land in Southern Georgia Eastern Mississippi, and southern and western Alabama

July 9, 1816 A treaty is entered into with Cherokee Indians that cedes their lands in Northern Maine to the United States.

November 1817“ The First Seminole War begins on the Florida Georgia border