The Speeches of President Kennedy


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Speeches of President Kennedy

Before the Presidency 1961 1962 1963
Independence Day 1946 Inaugural Addresse State of Union January 11th

Third State of Union January 14th

Democratic National Convention, August 16, 1956 British Television Interview March 17 Speech on "Nuclear Testing and Disarmament" 3/2/62 Vanderbilt University May 18th
In Honor of Golda Meir November 25,1956 American Newspaper Society April 20th UAW May 8 American University June 10th
Dinner for Histadruth Zionist Organization The Presdent and the Media April 27 Address on Support of Medicare May 20 Address on Civil Rights June11
Announcing January 1, 1960 Special Address to Congress May 25 West Point June 6 Address at Univ Berllin June 26
First Debate September 26, 1960 On Vienna Summirt June 6 Yale Address June 11 NATO Headquarters July 2
Third Debate October 13, 1960 Annapolis Naval Academy 6/7/1961 Address on Economy August 13 UN September 20
On Berlin July 25 Address on Spece September 12 TV Address on Test Ban Sept 18th
UN Speech September 25th University of Mississippi September 30 Mormon Tabernacle October 26th
Washington University November 16th Address on Cuba on October 22
National Association of Manufaturers December 6th End of Crisis October 28
AFL CIO December 7th Economic Club of New York Dec 7

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