November 1963- President Kennedy's Schedule


1 President Kennedy first appointment of the day was with Hans Kristian Engen. His Next meeting was on Vietnam. Included in the meeting were Rusk, McNamara, McCone, RFK . The President went to church for All Saints Day and spent the afternoon meeting with aids.
2 The President began the day by meeting with a group of businessman making a trip to Europe sponsored by Time Magazine. The President next had a an emergency meeting on Vietnam. A coup had taken place in Viet Nam. The President spent the whole day in meeting on Viet Nam. At the end of the day the President joined his family at Atoka, Virginia.
3 President Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy, Caroline and John, Jr. attend Mass at St. Stephens Martyr Church, Atoka, Virginia
4 The President began his day by meeting with Walter Heller. He next had a meeting with Dean Rusk and Robert McNamara. The President had a meeting with Governor Carvel of Delaware and Governor Brewster of Maryland. President Kennedy met with Charles Allen and Earl Smith. After lunch the President met with his aids.
5 The President had Legislative Leaders Breakfast. He then met with Spencer King, John Martin, Edwin Martin and Ralph Dungan. After Lunch the President received members of the US Industrial Payroll Savings Committee. The Presidents last meeting was a meeting on Berlin
6 President Kennedy began his day by meeting with William Benton. He Then had a luncheon meeting with editors and publishers of Ohio newspapers. After lunch the President had a meeting with Walter Reuther.
7 The President began his day with a meeting with state chairmen and the chairman, of the President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped. The President next met with Frank Ikard, William Vaughey and Harlold Decker. The President's next meeting was an off the record meeting on wheat. The President next met William True Davis Jr, Ambassador to Switzerland. After lunch the President met the Portuguese Foreign Minister. The President next met with Franklin D Roosevelt Jr, followed by George Ball and Llewellyn Tompson who was followed by Dean Rusk. The President went to the pool a 7:26.
8 President Kennedy began his meeting with delegates from the Consultive Committee on Postal Studies. The President next met with Habib Bourguiba the Ambassador of Tunisia. The President next met with Mohammed Yazd a special representative of President Ben Bella the President of Algeria. the President then had a meeting with Dr Glenn Seaborg. The President next held a meeting on a wheat. After Lunch the President met with Archiel House the National Commander of the United Spanish War Veterans. The President then left for New York. In New York the President gave an Address on the foreign aid program at the dinner of the Protestant Council in the Hilton Hotel
9 President Kennedy was in New York, there is no record of what he did on this day. By the evening he was with the family in Atoka Virginia
10 The President and First Lady motored to St Stephens Martyr Church
11 The President, the First Lady, Caroline and John Jr flew to the White House at 9:27. The President and John Jr went to Arlington National Cemetery and took part in Veterans Day Ceremonies there
12 The President began his day by meeting with Pedor Theotonio Perriera the Ambassador of Portugal. He then met with the new Ambassador of Uruguay. The President next hosted a off the record meeting on Cuba, that included Robert Kennedy, Dean Rusk and Robert McNamara. The President's next meeting was with Berthold Beitz the General Manager of the German Company Krupp. In the afternoon the President met with his advisors.
13 President Kennedy met with Dr Karel Duda the new Ambassador of Czechoslovakia. The President next met with Chester Bowles. The President's next meeting was with Luther Hodges and Joseph Routh and the Chairman of the National Coal Policy Conference. He then met with Henry Fowler, Lawrence O'Brien and Myer Feldman. President Kennedy and his family watch the Black Watch perform on the South Lawn of the White House. The President next hosted a meeting of the Kentucky Crash Program, a program designed to help the most impoverished area in the US. The President next met with Dean Rusk, Christian Herter and McGeorge Bundy. The Presidents the final meeting of the day was with John Hannah the Chairman of the Civil Rights Commission.
14 President Kennedy held a Pre-Press Breakfast. At 11:00 the President gave a Press . After the Press Conference the President met with Senators McGee, Moss, Burdick. The President next hosted a Bipartisan Committee on Health Care of the Aged. The President flew to Elkton Maryland to participate in the dedication ceremony of the new turnpike in Delaware and Maryland. The President next flew to New York.
15 The President spoke at the convention of the AFL-CIO at the Amerciana Hotel in New York. He then spoke at the Biannual Convention of the Catholic Youth Organization Federation. The President then flew to Palm Beach.
16 The President traveled to Cape Canaveral. He inspected the Saturn Control Center. President Kennedy watched a test launch of a Polaris missile by the submarine U.S.S. Andrew Jackson
17 President Kennedy and Dave Powers attend Mass at St. Ann's Church, Palm Beach, Florida
18 President Kennedy traveled to MacDill Air Force. He then inspected the US Strike Command. President Kennedy next spoke at Al Lope Stadium. The President next addressed to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Tampa. Next the President spoke to conference of the United Steel Workers. The President next flew to Miami were he spoke at the Inter-American Press Association. After giving another speech the President returned to Washington
19 The President received a turkey from the Poultry and Egg Board. The President next met with William Mahoney the US Ambassador to Ghana. After Lunch the President met with representatives of the National Educational Association. He then Met with Dean Rusk and Phillips Talbott. Next President Kennedy met with Howard P Jones the USS Ambassador to Indonesia. The President's last meeting of the day was with Richard Helms and Hershel Peak.
20 President Kennedy began the day with what was to be his last Legislative Leaders Breakfast. He then met with Henry Fowler. The President received the 8th Armored Division Citation. The President next met with Senator Smathers and Lawrence O'Brien. Joseph McConnel was the Presidents next appointment, he was the Chairman of the US delegation to the Radio and Space Communication Summit. Next the President met with with Lena Horne, Carol Lawrence, DNC chairman John M. Bailey, Sidney Solomon and James Athy. The President next met with Orville Freeman and Charles Murphy. The President's last appointment before going to the pool for the last time was with the Inter-American Committee Symposium. After lunch the President met with Douglas Henderson the US Ambassador to Bolivia, followed by a meeting with Carl Rowan the US Ambassador to Finland. The Presidents last meeting of the day was with Alexis Johnson, Roger Hilsman and Frank Coffin. In the evening the President and First Lady hosted a Judicial Reception.
21 President Kennedy had breakfast with his children. He said goodbye to Caroline when she left for school at 9:15. President Kennedy arrived at his office for the last time at 9:55. His last meeting was Thomas Estes US Ambassador to the Upper Volta, and Charles Darlington the US Ambassador to the Republic of Gabon. The President left the White House for the last time at 10:50 and helicoptered to Andrews Airforce Base where he and the First Lady departed for San Antonio Texas at 11:05 AM. John Jr had accompanied them the the airport. In San Antonio the President partakes in the dedication of the Aerospace Medical Health Center, Brooks Air Force Base. He then went on to Houston. In Houston he makes brief remarks to the League of United Lattin American Citizens at the Rice Hotel in Houston. He then addresses a dinner in honor of Representative Albert Thomas. The President and First Lady then traveled to Ft Worth were they stayed at the Texas Hotel.
22 The President was awakened at 7:30. After eating a light breakfast he headed out to the square in front of the hotel and addressed a few thousand people . When someone yelled out were was Jackie- he pointed to their 8th floor suite and said "Mrs Kennedy is organizing herself, It takes her a little longer, but of course she looks better then we do when she does it". The President then took part in a Breakfast in the hotel. The First Couple together with the Vice President and Governor Connaly then proceded to take the short flight to Dallas where Air Force 1 landed at 11:38. At 11:55 the Presidents motorcade left Love Field in Dallas. At 12:30 the first of two shots hit the President, it was followed by a second fatal shot that hit the President in the head. At 1:00 Dr William Clark pronounced President Kennedy dead at Parkland Memorial Hospital.