March 1961- President Kennedy's Schedule


1 The President holds Press Conference,Held a meeting with Congressman Cleveland Bailey, Joint Recording with Mrs Franklin Roosevelt, Meeting with Iranian Representatives, Governor Frank Morrison of Nebraska, Meeting with James Eastland and Senator Thomas Dodd. President drops in on dinner in honor of Ted Reardon
2 Meeting with Senator Frank Moss and Judge George Latimer, Cabinet Meeting, Lunch at White House with Bipartisan Congressional Group, Meeting with McNamara, Meeting With Chilean Leaders, Met with Lou Harris
3 The President Dedicated the Nation Wildlife Federation Building, Meeting with Representative of Japan Trade Union, Najeeb Halaby Admin of FAA, Alan Boyd Chairman of Civil Aeronautics Board. Luncheon in honor of Prime Minister of New Zealand, Meeting with LBJ, Rusk McNamara, Nitze, Dulles, Bundy Rostow and CIA reps
4 Meeting With David Bruce Ambassador to Great Britain, Meeting with Rusk, McCloy, Arthur Dean, Adrain Fisher, Glenn Seaborg, Jerome Wiesner, Paul Nitze, General Lyman Lemnitzer, Meeting with Arthur Goldberg. Dinner at the home of Robert Kennedy
5 President went to Trinity Church.
6 Meeting with McNamara, Lemnitzer, Bundy, Kohler, Dean and Nitze, Greeted Science Student Winners. Lunch at the White House with Jean Monnet of France, Philip Graham, McGeorge Bundy and Walt Whitman Rostow. Meeting with Board of Radio Free Europe, Meeting with Congressman Carl Vinson, Meeting with Texas Editors
7 Breakfast Meeting with Legislative Leaders,Greeted with 4-H Club week , Meeting with Minister of Finance of Pakistan, Meeting with Robert F Kennedy and Abraham Ribicoff, Meeting with Ambassador of Guatemala,
8 Livingston Merchant, US Ambassador to Canada, Economic Meeting with Dillon, Under Sec Roosa, William Marin. David Bell, Walter Heller, Kermit Gordan and James Tobin, Economic Mission to Bolivia, Governor Bert Combs of Kentucky and Senator John Cooper, Meeting with Robert Weaver, David Bell, Greeted President Kwane Nkrumah of Ghana, The Presidents have a joint Press Conference
9 Meeting with former President Harry Truman, Meeting with Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, Meeting with Thomas Fineletter- US Representative to NATO, Meeting with Cotton Grower Committee, Security Committee with LBJ, Admiral Felt, Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, Allan Dulles, Paul Nitze and others. Defense Meeting with Bundy, Rostow, Bell and Wiesner. Attended a Dinner honoring the Truman Committee
10 Met New Ambassador of Tunisia, Meeting Ambassador of Morocco, Meeting Ambassador of Germany. Met HE Jacques Chaban Delmas President French National Assembly. Defense Meetings
11 President meets with LBJ, Rusk, McNamara, Mann, Berle, Nitze, Bundy,Tarwater, and Dulles
12 Traveled to Glen Ora, attended church at St John's Parish. Visited farm called Huntlands owned by George Brown friend of LBJ, LBJ gave a pony to Caroline
13 Arrived in back at White House from Glen Ora, Foreign Policy Meeting with Rusk, Bowles, Ball, Sorenson, Bundy and Rostow. Met with Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt. Meeting with Representatives of NY Stock Exchange. Met with Willy Brandt Mayor of Berlin, Congressman Hale Boggs. Reception for Latin American Diplomats
14 Breakfast with Legislative Leadership , Meeting with Senators George Smathers. Meeting with Aga Khan. Meeting with Congressman Francis Walter. Meeting with Congressman Wilber Mills. Meeting with Senator Robert Kerr, Meeting with Canadian Ministers. Meetings with Congressman Frank Thompson, Senator Wayne Morse, Congressman Eugene Keogh and William Green
15 Press Conference, Meeting with Congressman James Roosevelt, Senator Ralph Yarborough, Meeting with Rusk, Dean Acheson, LBJ, Bundy, Rostow, followed by Defense meeting that included McNamara and Dulles. The President briefly attended Congressman Kirwins Pre St Patrick's Day party. Evening dinner in honor of Prince Princess Radaiwell followed by a party.
16 Attended ceremony to celebrating Unification of Italy. Meeting with Senator Paul Douglas, Congressman Wright Patman. Coffee Hour at the White House with Congressmen, Meeting on the Budge
17 Meeting with Ambassador of Ireland. Participated in a meeting with members of the Business International Executive Roundtable. Meeting with Senator Gale McGee and his parents, Congressman Howard Smith.
18 Meeting with Adlai Stevenson, LBJ, John McCloy,Paul Nitze, Bundy, Wiesner and Rostow. Meeting in North Carolina Democratic Group.
19 Attended Church at Holy Trinity Church.
20 Congressman Otto Passman, Lunch with Walter Lippman, Meeting with Dr James Killian of MIT. Meeting with Frank Ellis Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, Bell and Bundy. Meeting in evening on Laos with defense officials.
21 Legislative Leader Breakfast, Meeting with LBJ, Meeting with President Advisor Committee on Labor- Management, Meeting Regarding Foreign Aid, Meeting with Emmanuel Dadet Ambassador of Congo, Meeting with Congressman Kelley. Luncheon Meeting with Professor Dennis Brogan, Mr Max Freedman and Fred Holborn, Meeting with Defense officials on Laos.
22 Meeting with HE Joseph Ngoua Ambassador of Gabon, Simon Rifkin sworn in as Chairman of President's Railroad Commission, Governor David Lawrence of Penn, meeting with US Ambassador to Turkey, George Kennan Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Meeting with Clifton Wharton Ambassador to Norway. Signing of the Food Grains Bill.
23 Meeting with Congressman Clement Zablock , Per Jacobson Chairman of IMF, Senator Everett Dirksen, Meeting of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Press Conference, Evening Coffee hour for members of Congress.
24 William Macomber US Ambassador to Jordan, Signed HR 4806 reemployment Compensation, Mayor of New Orleans and Committee, Eisenhower Exchange Fellows, Lunch with LBJ, McNamara and others, President did tape for NBC.
25 Meeting with Bundy and General Clifton in the mansion Met with President of the Inter-American Bank,Met with departing Ambassadors. The President Traveled to West Palm Beach.
26 Attended Church at St Edwards, traveled to Key West Florida and met with British Prime Minister Macmillan. The President returned to Washington in the evening after stopping in West Palm Beach.
27 Meeting with Thomas Finletter Representative to NATO, Dean Acheson, Bowles and Lohler. Meeting with Sterling Cole Director of IAE, Meeting with Andrei Gromyko Foreign Minister of the USSR, Meeting on Textiles with Congressman.
28 Legislative Leaders Breakfast,Meeting with LBJ and Sam Rayburn, Meeting with Special Mission for Bolivia. Meeting with Congressman Adam Clay Powell, Meeting with Senator George Smathers.
29 National Security Council Meetings, Meeting with Prime Minister of Peru, luncheon in honor of Prime Minister of Sweden, late afternoon meeting of Defense Officials.
30 Breakfast with Dr Kenneth Galbriath, Traveled to palm Beach Florida, the President Visited with his father and brother-in-law Peter Lawford played 9 holes of golf. In the evening the President watch One-Eyed Jack.
31 President had lunch at the home of E.T Smith, the President played 9 holes of golf, Attended Good Friday Mass at St Ann's Church.