January 1961- President Kennedy's Schedule


20 Inauguration
21 The President Returned to the White House at 2:AM from Inaugural Balls- Met with Former President Truman, Mayor Daley of Chicago. Met with the Democratic National Committee.
22 Attended Holy Trinity Church, Met with Poet Robert Frost, Lunched with Secretary of State. Dinner Guest Mr and Mrs Franklin Roosevelt Jr
23 Security Briefing with Sec State, Defense, Head of CIA, Chairman of Joint Chiefs. Met Governor Colorado Stephen McNichols, Meeting with Secretary of Labor Arthur Goldberg.
24 Legislative Leaders,Meeting on Defense Matters(Rusk,McNamara, McCloy, Bundy, Nitze,Wiesner, Met with Director of Food For Peace George McGovern, Met Head of Export Import Bank
25 Economic Meeting with Sec of Treasury, Dillon, Director of Budget Bell, Council of Economic Advisors Heller and Professor Samuleson, Meeting Joint Chief of Staffs, Kenneth Galbriath, gave first Press Conference
26 Met with Robert Kennedy and Professor Richard Neustadt, Full Cabinet Meeting, Visited CIA Headquarters and Received Briefing
27 Met James Fist, President of Bell Labs, Greeted Airforce Officers Freed by Soviets, Lunched with Sec of Treasury, Labor ,HEW, Commerce and Congressman Abe Ribicoff, Reception in White House for freed Airman
28 Met Senator Long, Taped the Dave Garroway show, met Rusk, McNamara, Bundy, Dulles Mann and Sorenson and other CIA officers.
29 Attended Church in St Mathews, had Dean Rusk and Charles Bowles for lunch. Visited the home of Charles Bartlett and then the home of George Wheeler. Swearing in Ceremony for Cabinet Members
30 Delivered the State of the Union Address Luncheon Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Meeting with US Ambassador to El Salvador, Elizabeth Smith swear in ceremonies, met with VP Johnson and NASA administrator Webb.
31 Breakfast with Congressional Leaders, Senator Smathers, Agriculture Task Force, Ogden Reid(Former Ambassador to Israel),met with Economic Leadership Team