February 1961- President Kennedy's Schedule


February 1961
1 Met with Secretary of Treasury and Chairman of the Fed,Economic Affairs Committee National Security Council Meetings,Meeting on Balance of Payment with Dillon, Galbriath and Sorenson, Second Press Conference, Met With Congressman Albert Rains, Thomas Deegan and Robert Moses on NY World Fair, Meeting Congressman Torbert Macdonald.
2 Met with General Norstad Supreme Allied Commander NATO and General Lemnitzer Chairman Joint Chiefs, Cabinet Meeting, Baptist World Alliance, Met Congressman Clayton Powell and Secretary Arthur Goldberg. At 8:10 PM the President and secret Meeting with Secretary of State Dean Rusk.
3 Winthrop Brown, US Ambassador to Laos, Louis Harris (pollster), Bernard Gufler Ambassador Ceylon, Abraham Ribicoff Sec of HEW, Meeting with Dr Henry Kissinger, Dr Edwin Land (Polaroid) In the evening the President and Paul Fay attended Spartacus the movie.
4 Met with Dr George Kistakwosky Member of Science Advisory Committee, US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Dr Theo Von Karman a scientist, US Ambassador to Congo.
5 President went to Trinity Church. In the evening the President and First Lady had Mr William Walton and Miss Marth Gilborn to dinner.
6 Visited the State Department, Met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Met Ambassador of Tunisia, US Ambassador to Belgium, Met separately with Congressman Clarence Cannon, Senator Lister Hill, Senator Robert Kerr, Senator Warren Maguson.
7 Breakfast Meeting with Legislative Leaders, Meeting with John Hannah Chairman of Civil Rights Commission, Senator Carl Hayden, Congressman Carl Vinson, Senator Allen Ellender, Congressman Oren Harris, attended reception at the home of Congressman Clark Thompson in honor of Speaker Sam Rayburn.
8 Press Conference- Met with Alan Waterman Director of NSF and Detlev Bronk President of National Academy of Science, Meeting with Congressman Thomas e Morgan Met with Boy Scouts,Members of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Met with Defense Foreign Affairs Team(Rusk, Parson, Bohlen,Mann,Dulles. Bissell, Barnes, McNamara,Kennnster Nitze and Berle. President and First Lady Gave a Reception for the Members of the Diplomatic Corps.
9 Prayer Breakfast by International Council of Christian Leadership, Meeting with Admiral Robert Demison Commander of Atlantic Fleet, Meeting National Security Council, Meeting with Congressman Brent Spence, Meet with President Export-Import Bank, Meeting with Economic Advisors, Meeting with Orville Freeman Secretary of Agriculture, Congressman Wyne Aspinall, Secretary of Labor Arthur Goldberg.
10 Met with Americans For Democratic Action, Meeting with Senator Russel Long, Congressman and Mrs Edwin Willis and Miss Gatherine Long, met with Congressman William L Dawson, chairman of the House Government Operations Committee, Meeting with Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Dr Glenn Seaburg, Lunch with Mr and Mrs Arthur Sulzberger. Meeting with Senator John McClellan,Meeting with Science Advisory Committee, met with Foy Kohler Asst Secretary of State, met with Ambassador Herve Alphand of France.
11 Robert Weaver sworn in as Administrator of Housing and Home Finance Agency, Meeting with LBJ, Rusk , Bohlen and Llewellyn Thompson Ambassador to Soviet Union, George Kennan Ambassador to Yugoslavia and Averell Harriman Ambassador at large. Traveled to Glen Ora Middleburg VA.
12 Attended Church in Glenn Ora Virginia.
13 Arrived in back at White House from Glen Ora, Spoke to the National Industrial Conference Board, met with Senator Clinton Anderson, met with Congressman Overton Brooks. Met with Sec of Labor Arthur Goldberg.
14 Breakfast with Legislative Leadership and Cabinet members, Meeting with Senators Gore and Kefauver, Orville Freemen and Kenneth Galbriath, meeting with Congressman Emanuel Celler, Luncheon in honor of Prime Minister Viggo Kampmann of Denmark, Meeting with Senator John Pastore, Meeting with Ambassador of Mexico, Meeting with Mexico United State Inter parliamentary Group, G Mennen Williams Asst Sec of State for Africa before trip. The President and First Lady have dinner at the home of Joseph Alsop, also attending Ambassador and Mrs David Bruce, Mr and Mrs William Paley, Mr and Mrs Philip Graham and Mr and Mrs Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
15 Meeting with Senator Dennis Chaves, Meeting with New York Herald Tribune Forum of students from 34 countries. Private meeting with Charles Murphy- Fortune Maganien and Hugh Sidney- Time Magazine, William Barron Governor of West Virginia, Governor Ernest Hollings of SC, Meeting with Congressman Herbert Bonner, Press Conference.
16 Attended the Atomic Energy Commission for briefing. Met with Congressman Olin Teague, Met with Dillon, Ball and Walter Dowling Ambassador to Germany and Foy Kohler Asst Sec State Europe.
17 Economic Meeting with Dillon, Heller, Bell William Martin, and others, Meeting with Ambassador Walter Dowling, Meeting with the German Foreign Minister and party. President and First Lady lunched with Lady Jackson(Barbara Ward noted economist and expert on developing countries and Mrs Stephenson Mohoney, and Dr and Mrs Kenneth Galbriath Senator Carl Hayden, Hon J Edward Day Postmaster General. In the evening the President and First Lady hosted the Presidents PT Boat Comrades.
18 Meeting with Ambassador to Mexico, Meeting on Soviet Union with Bundy, Thomspon, Allen Dulles, Bohlen and Harriman.
19 Attended Church at Holy Trinity Church, Then flew with the First Lady and Caroline to Glen Ora.
20 Met with George Ball, Met with Livingston Merchant Ambassador Designate to Canada, Met with Secretary General Thorkil Krestense of EEC. Meeting with Prime Minister of Canada John Deifenbaker and party, Luncheon with Canadian Part, Meeting with John Lynch Chairman Mass Democratic Committee, Meeting with Senator Olin Johnston
21 Legislative Leader Breakfast, Meeting with Congressman Torber Macdonald, Meeting with Paul Henri Spaak Secretary General of NATO who was later presented with the Medal of Freedom, Meeting Senator Alan Bible, Congressman Chet Holifield, Spoke to the Youth Fitness Conference, Meeting with Llewellyn Thompson, Rusk, Bohlen, Bundy, Harriman and Kohler.
22 Meeting with Walter Dowling Ambassador to Germany followed by Llewellyn Thomspon Ambassador to Soviet Union, President played 9 holes of golf with Senators Stuart Symington and George Smathers. Dinner at the home of Stephen Smith.
23 Met with Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Meeting with Robert Kennedy and J Edgar Hoover, met with Congressman Charles Buckley, Economic Meeting with Heller, Gordon and Tobin. Meeting with Joint Chief of Staff.
24 Paul Burgens Fay sworn in as Under Secretary of Navy, Meeting with Congressman Wright Patman, Meeting Senator John Sparkmen. Luther Hodges Sec of Commerce, Senator Harry F Byrd, Meeting with Rusk.
25 Meeting with Allen Dulles, Johnson, Bundy, and Wiesner, Meeting with Roy Roberts Publisher Kansas City Star, Metting with Senator Richrd Russell, LBJ and Allen Dulles, Played 9 holes of gold . Dinner of the White House Correspondents Association.
26 Attended Church at St Mathews Church, traveled to Glen Ora where President and First Lady spent the night.
27 William Baker VP research at Bell Telephone, HE Mikael Imru Ambassador of Ethiopia,Meeting with Abba Schwartz, Meeting with Board of Foreign Scholarships, Meeting with American Legion, Meeting with Hugh Sidney and Thomas Griffith of Time.
28 Legislative Leaders Breakfast, Meeting with National Education Association, Meeting with Henry Kissinger, Sorenson, Bell , Bundy and Wiesner. Theater Guild of America meets the President. Meets with Ambassador to El Salvador, Dinner at the mansion with David Ormsby.