4/15/ 2015 Student Poll Results

Israel Hayom the most read (its free) daily newspaper in Israel asked "The New Wave" to conduct a poll of 11th and 12th grader Jewish students in Israel. The results are troubling but I will leave the analysis to a later blog post. Here are the results of survey taken among 308 students half 11th graders and half 12th graders. There were an equal number of boys and girls. 60% are study in secular high schools 27% in National Religious and 13% in Ultra Orthodox. 53% define themselves as secular, 21% traditional, 23 religious and 3% Ultra Orthodox. 35% of the respondents come from coastal plain (Tel Aviv and suburb), 30% from the Haifa area,15 from around Jerusalem and 20% from the south.


Those who consider themselves on the right ansered that the love israel in a higher proportion

Half of those that said no said they would live in the USA

96% of the boys and 80% of the girls answered yes

The supporters of the right have the strongest faith in the amry

The more their views were to the right the less they had faith in the courts

The more they were to right the more they had faith in the police

The more you were to the right the more you had faith in the government

Only 28% of those who defined themselves on the right had faith in the news media

Those on the right had greater faith (50%)

This was an open worded question

Left out of this was 6% who thought that leftist were the worse 5% who thought that Arabs were, 4% the courts, and 1.3% rightest

95% of those on the right believed there was no chance


More boys favored giving aid than girls. 76% of those on the right opposed treating the terrorist while 70% of those on the left did

Girls are more extreme here with 63% believe in not trying the soldiers. On the left 80% say to charge the solder

Only 7% of those who supported the left agreed with this

92% of the right agreed with this and only 52% of the left


76% of the right answered yes while only 38% of the left did


General Questions

79% of the girls read a book in the last year