June 29, 2008 Israeli Cabinet Votes for Exchange with Hezbollah


The Israeli cabinet voted today to approve the exchange between Hezbollah and Israel of the terrorist Samir Kuntar for what now seems certain the bodies of the soldiers captured before the Second Lebanon War. The government approved it despite the strenuous objections of the heads of Moassd and the Shin Bet. Both claimed that Israel would be giving Nasrallah a needless victory and giving up a living captive in exchange for bodies. Cabinet members were described to have said they voted with the hearts and not with their heads. Its very difficult to put oneself in the position of the family of the captives, but cabinet members become cabinet members of use their brains and not their hearts.

There have been a number of editorials this weekend anticipating an Israeli strike on Iran. The Economist called on Europe to take stiff action against Iran before its to late to avoid an Israeli attack. Steve Forbes in Forbes claimed that a significant reason for the high cost of oil was the expected Israeli attack, which he implied he supported. Martin Peretz has an interesting article in the New Republic on why Israel's spurt of negotiations are going bound to fail: The New Republic Peace Offensive by Martin Peretz