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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

January 28, 2008 Gaza Border

The Gaza border continues to be in the news as Egypt claims it is trying to close the border. At the same time, Hamas has made it clear that they will not accept anything but an open border with Egypt that they control. Hamas leader Halid Meshal is will be arriving in Egypt from Syria to discuss the situation. This is a major diplomatic achievement for Hamas.

The well known author on military affairs Uri Milstein was interviewed on London and Kirshenbaum tonight. He put the Winograd report in some perspective by describing the many mistakes made in Israeli wars. One interesting point he made was that the Yom Kippur War was never investigated. The famous Agronaut Commission report ended on October 8th, the third day of the war. Of course, that it is not totally correct as the army itself extensively examined every aspect of the war.

In the past I have reported criticism of Minister of Justiceís attempt to curtail the power of the Supreme Court. I received an e-mail for one of our Israeli readers with an editorial from the Jerusalem Post. The editorial refers to the death of a border policeman in East Jerusalem on Thursday night. The policeman was a checkpoint that the border police wanted to close at night and the Supreme Court ordered them to keep it open 24/7 as not to inconvenience the Shuafat [refugee camp] residents. The editorial questions how the Supreme Court can make military decisions for the Border police and blamed the death on it.

Ten Israelis have died in the last week from exposure to the cold weather. They were homeless. I am sorry to say that this has not created an outcry in Israel, as it would have in New York. With snow expected from Tuesday through Thursday, letís hope someone is on top of this situation.