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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

January 10, 2008 Bush in Israel Pt2

President Bush toured the Palestinian Authority today, in a symbolic visit.Bush spoke about his hope and expectation that the state could come into being in 2008.Bushís comments made worldwide headlines.However, it was not that statement that made the local headlines, rather it was Bushís answer to the question on the removal of roadblocks.When asked about removal of any Israeli ìroadblocksî, Bush remarked that it was understandable that Israel would not remove the roadblocks until there was peace and security.He even joked that his 40-car motorcade had no problem arriving in Ramallah.The Palestinians appreciated none of this.
New opinions polls came out today showing that while the overwhelming majority of Israelis are not happy with Prime Minister Olmertís performance as Prime Minster, the same majority opposes new elections.This will make it even less likely that the Winograd Commissionís report will bring down the government.Avi Drucker, on Israelís Channel 10 had an interesting report on how Olmert works.When the first part of the Winograd report came out MK Amira Dotan called Olmert and told him that he should resign.She expected to Olmert to react badly.Instead he said he understood her and then invited her to a meeting. At the meeting he offered to put her in charge of the internal Kadima investigation of what went wrong.Dotan never went public with her criticism.This it what would seem is one of many stories.Olmert meets with his cabinet ministers, shows interest in the working of the ministry. He knows the key to any politicianís loyalties is his or her ego and it works.