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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

January 3, 2008 Grad Missile Fired

The Palestinians fired a Grad missile today at Israel. The missile landed on the Northern outskirts of Ashkelon. This was the furthest that a Palestinian missile has ever gone. The Grad is a Soviet manufactured World War II vintage rocket. It is believed that the Palestinians might have as many as 100 of them.

Israel responded with additional attacks on Islamic Jihad and Hamas military targets, killing as many as nine Palestinians. In the course of last year, Israel has killed 450 Palestinians (the overwhelming number were members of the Islamic Jihad or Hamas). In the month of December, 75 were killed. The result has not been a let-up in rocket fire.

Today the Palestinian Authority accused Hamas of using Fatah prisoners as human shields from Israeli attacks. One Fatah member who had escaped to Egypt when Gaza fell to Hamas, returned recently. He was killed today.