1993 Israel PLO Accord


Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization reached an accord on an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank town of Jericho. This interim agreement called for further negotiations on the status of the rest of the West Bank. The tentative agreement was signed in Washington on September 13th; the full accord was signed in Cairo in May 1994.

Following the end of the Gulf War, the United States convened the Madrid Peace Conference to attempt to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. In 1991, Yitzhak Rabin was elected Prime Minister of Israel. He was convinced that Israel needs to find a method to come to peace with its neighbors. He preferred reaching an agreement with the Syrians first, but when that route seemed blocked, he gave the green light to secret contacts between representatives of the Foreign Ministry and representatives of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. The meeting took place in Oslo, and there the two sides reached what came to be known as the Oslo Accords. The basic terms of those accords were mutual recognition of Israel and the PLO; the agreement of the PLO to renounce violence as a means of achieving its political goals, and the gradual withdrawal of Israel from major populations center on the West Bank and Gaza.