1977 Egyptian PResident Anwar Sadat Visits Israel


On On November 19th 1977, President Anwar Sadat of Egyp tbegan his visit to Israel. This visit led to the Camp David Peace Accords a year later, and was the first step towards putting an end to the 'cold war' between these two mid-eastern countries.

On Saturday night November 19th a Boeing 707 carrying the President of Egypt Anwar Sadat landed and Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. Up to the moment, the doors opened, and Sadat appeared many worried that the visit was a ruse, but those concerns turned out unfounded when Sadat came down the stairs. The Israeli cabinet president and former leaders were all waiting to greet Sadat when he arrived.

The next day Sadat visited in Yad Vashem and the Mosque of Omar and then addressed the Knesset. In his speech he said “I come to you today on solid ground, to shape a new life, to establish peace. We all, on this land, the land of God; we all, Muslims, Christians, and Jews worship God and no one but God. God's teachings and commandments are love, sincerity, purity, and peace.”
Sadat's visit broke the psychological barrier that forbade Arab leaders from making peace with Israel. Sadat's visit marked the beginning of a process that ended the decades-long war between Israel and Egypt. Full Speech