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The FIFTH ALIYAH The Fifth Aliyah brought more than 65,000 Jews to Palestine each year. The main impetous: the rise of Hitler to power.
The rise of anti-semitism that accompanied the Great Depression of 1929, resulted in a sustained gain in the number of immigrants arriving in Palestine. In 1932, 9500 immigrants arrived. (This was twice the previous year's figure). In 1933 -- the year that Hitler rose to power in Germany -- that number rose to 30,000. In 1934, 42,000 Jews arrived, and in 1935, a total of 62,000 immigrants arrived. Government restrictions dropped the figure to 30,000 in 1936, and the figure continued to drop from then on, due to the new, restrictive British policies. From 1929 to 1936 there were 188,000 new immigrants, a number that more than doubled the Jewish population of Palestine. The make-up of the immigrants during this period change greatly as well. Many of the new immigrants came from Germany, and were highly educated. Thus, the Jewish community in Palestine gained a whole new class of professionals which included many doctors, lawyers, and university professors. Eighty percent of the newcomers during this Fifth Aliyah wave of immigration, settled in the cities, with Tel Aviv undergoing astounding growth. (It expanded from 46,000 inhabitants in 1931 to 160,000 citizens in 1939).