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KIBBUTZ DEGANIA FOUNDED Degania was the first collective settlement to be established in Palestine. It is located at the southern end of the Kinneret.
In 1909, a labor dispute developed between the workers of the Kinneret farm and the farm's director. The head of the WZO settlement office in Palestine decided to give the settlers part of the land to set up an independent worker's settlement. He allotted approximately 3,000 dunams, on the southern end of the Kinneret to the worker's group. The group disbanded after the first year, and the land was handed over to another group known as the Romny group (named after the town which it had originated from in Russia). The settlers named the settlement "Degania." It became a 'laboratory' for collective settlement, and was known as the Kvutsa. The subsequent kibbutzim founded throughout Israel, modeled themselves on Degania. Today, Degania Aleph has a population of 530.