1882- BILU- The First Aliyah
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The First Aliyah
Bilu was committed to the resettling of Israel by Jews. It constituted the first modern resettlement effort of Palestine.
The name Bilu stood for "Bet Ya'akov L'chu V'Nelcha"(O House of Jacob , come ye and let us go," quoted from Isaiah. The movement was founded in Kharkov, Russia in 1882, by Jewish students reacting to the pogroms taking place in Russia at the time. Their goal was to resettle the Land of Israel. The first 14 member of Bilu arrived in Palestine in July 1882. The initial 'Biluim' settled in Mikve Israel and Rishon L'Tzion as farm hands. Some members of Bilu learned a trade and settled in Jerusalem. In 1884, members of Bilu formed the settlement of Gedera. In total, approximately 25,000 immigrants arrived during the second Aliyah.