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War in Kosovo
Before the rise of Milosevic in Yugoslavia, the province of Kosovo, which was primarily populated by Moslem ethnic Albanians, had been granted extensive autonomy. Milosevic rescinded that autonomy, which resulted in growing resentment of Serbian control. It led to the rise of the KLA, which was dedicated to Kosovo independence. In order to avoid the slaughter that had taken place in Bosnia, NATO became actively involved in negotiating a peace settlement between the KLA and the Serbs. An agreement was reached between the KLA and the Serbs, which was accepted by the KLA and rejected by the Yugoslav government. NATO demanded that the Serbs accept the agreement and, when they refused, NATO began a bombing campaign that lasted 79 days. During the campaign, the Serbs engaged in an active campaign of ethnic cleansing of Kosovo, killing at least 10,000 ethnic Albanians. The bombing campaign, in which the US lost only two planes and no pilots, achieved its goal, and the Serbs withdrew from Kosovo, to be replaced by NATO peace-keeping forces.