Lenin Returns to Russia

Petrograd 1917

On April 16th Vladamir Lenin returned to Russia. The Germans had sent him in a sealed car from Switzerland. They hoped that Lenin would foment further instability in Russia since Lenin's Bolsheviks were opposed to continuing the war with the Germans.

The entry of the United States into the war against Germany made it all the more critical that Russia agrees to assist fire and leaves the war. The Germans knew that while the new government in Russia wanted to continue the fight, the bolsheviks wanted Russia to withdraw. It was, therefore, in the German interest for the Bolsheviks to come to power Russia. The most charismatic Bolshevik leader was Vladimir Lenin, who was in exile in Switzerland. The Germans decided to expedite his return to Russia by allowing him to cross Germany in German lines in a closed railroad car. Lennon at first was wary of the German offer, but seeing no other way to get back to Russia and feeling the need to be at the center of events taking place, he excepted their offer.

On April 16, 1917, Lennon reached Petrograd. There he told the waiting crowd quotation mark the hour is not far when at the summons of Karl Liebknecht The German people will turn their weapons against the capitalist exploiters. The robber's imperialist war is the beginning of the Civil War in all Europe. Long live the worldwide socialist revolution.
The Germans were right about Lemon, and thanks in no small degree to Lennon, the Bolsheviks soon came to power in Russia withdrew from the war.