Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Winter Palace
Austria unilaterally announced the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The decision was met with anger in Serbia, which had always regarded the area as Serbian. The Russians were aligned with the Serbs and also opposed the action.

Under the treaty of Berlin of 1878, the Turkish province of Bosnia-Herzegovina was under Austria Hungarian control while remaining a province of the Turkish Empire. On October 5, 1908, Bulgaria declared it’s independence from Turkey. The next day on October 6, Austria, Hungary announced that was formally annexing Bosnia-Herzegovina. The annexation alarmed many in Europe the Serbians feared that the Austria Hungarian‘s with next try to expand their Empire at their expense. The Russians were upset any slaves would now become part of the Austro-Hungarian empire officially a protest meeting was held in St. Petersburg attended by thousands; however, the Germans supported the Austro-Hungarian move and the Japanese have recently defeated Russia was in no position to take military action. As a result, the Austro-Hungarians had made the first acquisition of territory since 1848. Tensions while remaining elevated soon subsided, but the action was an indication that the peace in Europe was beginning to unravel.