Wilson and the Fourteen Points

US President Woodrow Wilson addressed the US Congress on January 8, 1918. In his speech, he outlined the causes of the war and put forth his 14 points that would be the basis for ending the war. His remarks were widely disseminated throughout the world..

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson put forth fourteen points that he believed could be the basis for a settlement of the Great War.

The Points were:

No secret diplomacy
Freedom of the Seas;
No international barriers to trade;
Reduction in armaments;
Adjustment of colonial disputes
Evacuation of Russian territory with self-determination
Evacuation and restoration of Belgian sovereignty
Restoration of French sovereignty
Modification of the Italian frontiers
Autonomy for the population of Austria- Hungary
Evacuation and restoration of the Balkan nations and peoples
Internationalization of the Dardanelles
Independence for Poland with guaranteed access to the sea;
Creation of a League of Nations.

Wilson speech was widely covered all around the world, and his 14 points were circulated widely in Europe. The Germans believed when they surrendered that peace would be based on them.