President as a Chief of State

The White House

The President is the chief of State of the United States. As such, he or she entertains foreign dignitaries and is the official representative of the American people.


The President is the Chief of State of the United States. He or she entertains foreign dignitaries. The first President, George Washington, made sure that whenever he rode through the streets of Manhattan, he did so in an elaborate carriage. Americans have always looked to their President as the symbol of the nation. Whether issuing a proclamation, attending a diplomatic reception, or participating in a funeral, the President has always been the embodiment of the dreams and aspirations of the American people. Thus, President Kennedy, as a young and vigorous President with a young and beautiful wife, helped promote the feeling that America itself had new vigor. As Chief of State, the President has the world's biggest “bully pulpit.” He or she can address the American people and influence their opinions on many matters.