Moore, Alfred

Moore, Alfred (1755-1810) Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court: Alfred Moore was born in New Hanover County, North Carolina, on May 21, 1755, to a prominent family. Educated in Boston, he studied law with his father and was admitted to the North Carolina bar in 1775. During the Revolutionary War, he was a captain in the First North Carolina Regiment, but resigned his commission in 1777 to take care of the family plantation. He remained active in the war effort as a colonel of the local militia. Known as one of the state's best lawyers, Moore was appointed Attorney General of North Carolina from 1782 to 1791, and was judge of the state Superior Court in 1798. In 1799, President John Adams appointed him Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Moore only wrote one opinion, however, and resigned in 1804 due to poor health. He died in Bladen County, North Carolina, on October 15, 1810.