Abigail Smith Adams

Born: Weymouth, Massachusetts
Married: John Adams, 1764
Children: John Quincy, Thomas, Charles, Abigail, Sussana
First Lady: 1797-1801

Abigail Adams is famous not only as the wife of America's Second President, but as the mother of American's sixth president, John Quincy Adams. The Adams family also holds the distinction of being the first occupants of the White House in the as yet undeveloped town of Washington (1800).

Adams was unique among women of her time. She held strong opinions and was not afraid to express them. This First Lady was often referred to by members of the press as "Her Majesty" and "Mrs. President". Some suspected that she had undue influence over the President. Among her convictions: women should have the right to vote and slavery was wrong. She also believed in education for women that would be the equal of what was provided for men.