1844 Treaty of Wanghia

Young Chinese Immigrants

Under the terms of this treaty, negotiated by Caleb Cushing, the United States gained the right to trade in Chinese ports, as well as gaining additional legal rights inside China.


The Treaty of Wanghia was negotiated by Caleb Cushing. Cushing was sent by President Tyler to secure the same rights for the United States that European nations had received from the Chinese. Cushing was successful gaining those same rights for the United States. Those rights included gaining extraterritoriality for the United States. This meant that only U. S. Consul officials could try Americans for crimes committed in China.) The Treaty of Wanghia also set fixed tariffs in the ports and gave Americans the right to buy land for churches and hospitals. Lastly, this treaty also overturned a Chinese law that forbade foreigners from learning the Chinese language